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Mercury Jackson


Mercury is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. Born and raised in Riverside, California in a meager but eccentric environment. His mother is a visual artist, and his father  worked in finance. Growing up, the house was full of art​, vinyl, and instruments. All of which Mercury had access to. ​His father left home when Mercury was an infant.


From a young age Mercury always showed a strong aptitude for music and started piano lessons at age 4, prompted by his mother. Mercury excelled in the classes and that eventually let to him learning to play the guitar and then the drums. At the age of 8, Mercury received an invitation to live with his aunt for the summer in Atlanta, Georgia. With the persuasion of his aunt and Mercury's excitement of the east coast, he and his mother moved to Decatur, Georgia. After living with his aunt, he and his mother lived in a one bedroom apartment together. ​His mother, at the time, was working two jobs to pay the bills and Mercury focused on school and music to stay out of trouble in the neighborhood.


Mercury received a saxophone from a family friend as a gift and immediately took to the instrument. He received training from an instructor at the neighborhood music shop and was eventually invited to play with the high school jazz band. Eventually learning French horn, trombone, and playing trumpet in marching band.


After high school graduation Mercury only applied to one college, Morehouse in Atlanta. He went to study Sociology and Business Marketing. As a tool and a gift, Mercury received an Apple Laptop for school and quickly found his new obsession: Logic Pro. A music sequencer made by Apple. Mercury started recording his own songs and distributing them all over campus, as well as performing at the campus coffee shop. He met a few other musicians with similar musical tastes and started a rock band called The 54. The band garnered a large following in the city and after sold out shows in Atlanta, released an EP and toured the United Stated independently for a year.


The band broke up when Mercury left. ​Mercury began a quest to find a sound that encompassed what he felt could be timeless and simultaneously push the needle on pop culture. He transformed his spare bedroom into a recording studio and got to work.